This is the first time I have used the new recruitment website, bit unsure as it was different to what I was use to. However it is a great idea and worked very well for us, very very impressed. And pleased to say we had a choice of good candidates and found a great nurse. Thank you

Kerry Zoina from Bryer Wallace, PM - London

I was very worried when I had to seek help to find a new nurse - my last nurse had to leave after twenty four years. Fortunately They was able to find me a suitable replacement extremely quickly who has settled into the practice brilliantly.

Dr Victor Hillman, Cosmetic Dental Centre - Golders Green London

We needed a temp urgently last year and called upon them. We found the service to be very professional, and now they regularly provide us with fantastic temps when we need them.

Dr Justin Glaister, UMBRELLA Dental - Harley st London

Working with them has been a blast. Always willing to help, and is reliable especially at the very last minute. Their knowledge of the type of work our clinic requires and caters for these specifications.

Ms Divya Vallabh, Client relations manager -Q Clinic - Harley street London

I am really glad to see you on the scene, you are bringing the standard of dental agencies up a notch and not before time...

Debi Richens, Hygienist